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How much does a tummy tuck cost?

The cost of a tummy tuck varies depending on the type of tummy tuck required and the patient's BMI. The best tummy tuck services at The Toronto Plastic Surgeons start at $12,999.

Recovery phase after a tummy tuck?

Recovery time depends on the type of abdominoplasty performed. In general, patients can resume most activities after 3 weeks and full recovery can be felt within 6 weeks.

How long does it take to have a tummy tuck?

The process lasts 3 hours. People who have a mini tummy tuck can expect a 2-hour operation, while those who have a modified tummy tuck, standard or advanced, with or without liposuction and breast surgery, will have a longer operation.

What is an abdominoplasty?

A tummy tuck is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat to tighten the appearance of the front of the abdomen. The procedure can also restore weakened or amputated muscles, creating a more toned profile.

No matter how many times you exercise or how many push-ups you do, the excess skin over your abdomen doesn't contract by itself. For anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight or gone through a pregnancy, tight skin can be a problem.

A tummy tuck removes all excess skin and stretch marks in the area to leave patients looking smooth and toned to match their reduced body mass.

Am I a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

While there are no specific characteristics that determine candidacy, adequate physical health and realistic expectations can make the recovery process smoother. Basically,a candidate for an abdominoplastyis someone who wants to get rid of excess skin around the waist without affecting the navel or abdomen.

The ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is in good physical and mental shape and within 15 pounds of their ideal weight. Also, they don't smoke and have realistic expectations about the outcome of their tummy tuck.

Benefits of abdominoplasty

build trust

With a flatter abdominal contour and improved muscle tone, you can feel more confident wearing specific clothing or swimwear.

reduce stretch marks

When the skin is stretched, stretch marks are less visible. dr. Bell will explain what patients can expect after an exam regarding stretch marks.

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upside down pregnancy belly

The procedure can remove loose, hanging skin that can be bothersome after pregnancy.

toned stomach

The procedure can remove fat, tighten skin, and re-tighten abdominal muscles for a toned abdomen.

Risks and complications of an abdominoplasty

Like any procedure, a tummy tuck also harbors the possibility of potential complications. To minimize the probabilitycomplicationsIt is better to choose an experienced and reliable surgeon. Toronto's team of plastic surgeons have years of experience performing tummy tuck procedures. Significant complications are rare and are professionally managed in rare cases.

  • Pain, swelling and bruising: Pain, swelling, and bruising are common side effects that are managed with pain relievers.
  • Bleeding, infection and fever: Although very rare, patients may experience bleeding, infection, and fever after surgery. This can be handled by Toronto plastic surgeons.
  • Complications of anesthesia: Anesthetic complications such as nausea and dizziness may occur. However, Toronto plastic surgeons assess the patient's health in advance to determine the risk.
  • Unfavorable cure: Unfavorable healing is possible if an inexperienced surgeon is used. Our team of experts will assess your skin tone and make strategic incisions to reduce scarring. A free aftercare program is offered to treat scars and minimize their appearance.

Why Toronto Plastic Surgeons?

HeToronto Plastic Surgeonshave unparalleled experience in this field to achieve the best tummy tuck results. Our award-winning surgeons use the latest techniques to achieve the best results and make the process as comfortable as possible for each patient.Dr. Sinohas over 25 years of experience in advanced body contouring and tummy tucks. He is one of Canada's most experienced Bodytite liposuction specialists and is considered one of Canada's top plastic surgeons.

Our renowned team of surgeons tailor all procedures to the specific needs of the patient, ensuring long-lasting results. Rest assured you are in good hands with Toronto plastic surgeons before, during and after your procedure.

Different types of abdominoplasty

During your initial consultation with the surgeon, the best option for your goals will be determined. Toronto Plastic Surgeons offer mini, modified, standard and advanced tummy tucks.

Mini Tummy Tuck / Modified Tummy Tuck

AMiniabdominoplastiait's a method of choice for those who are in good shape but can't reach their aesthetic goals with diet and exercise. The procedure treats the area below the navel and only requires a small incision.

Patients with mild to moderate skin laxity or muscle weakness benefit from a modified abdominoplasty. This procedure is similar to a mini tummy tuck. Furthermore, it should be noted that the scar is usually not visible and the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or simple oral sedation.

Standard/complete abdominoplasty

This procedure removes excess skin and fat below and above the navel, while also tightening flabby abdominal muscles. This procedure leaves a normal scar that can be covered with underwear.

The full abdominoplasty method is the preferred method for patients with excess skin due to pregnancy or being overweight.

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advanced abdominoplasty

Advanced tummy tuck is an option for those who have excess skin that extends down to the hips or love handles. The incision is raised from the flanks to the lower back to treat these areas. The result is a slimmer profile from all angles.

Alternatives to abdominoplasty

SpaMedica is also Canada's leading non-invasive center for multiple fat burning, skin tightening and muscle toning technologies including EMSculpt, Evolve, CoolSculpting, Vanquish and Sculpsure.

How is an abdominoplasty performed?

Before the incision is made, the process begins when the surgeon or anesthesiologist administers anesthesia.

The location and size of the incision depend on the type of tummy tuck your surgeon chose. The primary incision is made from one hip bone to the other. A mini tummy tuck uses a small incision. Meanwhile, for a complete tummy tuck, another incision is made around the navel.

From here, the surgeon repairs the weakened abdominal muscles. If desired, excess fat is removed using liposuction before excess skin is removed and the incisions are sutured back together.

Patients are transferred to our comfortable recovery area and spend the night under the supervision of our specialist nurses. Typically, patients can go home the next day.

Preparing for an Abdominoplasty

Before the procedure, there are a few steps to take that will speed up your recovery time and reduce the chance of complications:

  • Quit smoking 6 weeks before the procedure.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medications 2 weeks beforehand.
  • Eat nutritious meals the week before the procedure.
  • Avoid alcohol 1 week before.
  • organize the trip home.
  • Prepare your recovery space at home with entertainment, food and comfort.

OurThe Best Tummy Tuck Surgeonswill provide you with additional guidance during your initial consultation. For best results, the guidelines must be followed.

What to Expect After a Tummy Tuck

Bruising, swelling, and discomfort in the abdominal area are normal after a tummy tuck. As this is an invasive surgical procedure, patients should allow themselves 1-2 weeks to recover and avoid most physical activities. During this rest period, patients must continue to walk around the house and perform daily tasks to maintain blood flow.

In addition to a compression brace, some patients go home with drainage tubes (depending on the type of tummy tuck). Toronto's team of plastic surgeons provide detailed instructions on the tube and how to properly clean it.

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tummy tuck recovery

subsequent procedure: Most patients stay in our facility overnight after a tummy tuck under the supervision of our nurses. Patients are discharged the next day with compression garments placed around the abdomen, which must be worn 22 hours a day.

During the first few days at home, ask a friend or family member for helplazer.

tag 3: While patients are expected to relax as much as possible, they are encouraged to walk around the house to promote healing and reduce the risk of blood clots.

Label 10:The discomfort subsides and the bruises disappear. Patients can resume light physical activity but must be careful of cuts and proceed slowly.

Week 2:Most abdominoplasty patients return to work, but heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity should be avoided.

Weeks 3-6:The wearing time of compression underwear is reduced to 12 hours a day. After 6 weeks, the compression garment can be removed and most patients resume their normal activities at this point. Strenuous activities should only be resumed at the discretion of a physician.

Frequently asked questions about abdominoplasty

Toronto plastic surgeons have performed thousands of tummy tucks over the years and in that time have answered many questions and queries from future patients. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about tummy tucks. At the first meeting, you can ask all your personal questions.

Is the abdominoplasty painful?

When muscle repair is included in a tummy tuck, most discomfort occurs in the days after surgery. This can be treated with pain relievers. In fact, most of the pain goes away after 1 week. The procedure requires significant downtime and patients need assistance with daily tasks after the procedure.

Pure tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks cause relatively little pain, but when muscle repair is included, patients can expect moderate abdominal discomfort.

How long do the results last?

If patients maintain a stable weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the results of a tummy tuck can be permanent. Patients are encouraged to continue to build abs to maintain and continue to improve results.

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Significant weight gain can stretch a tummy tuck and affect the appearance of your abdomen.

Can I get rid of stretch marks with a tummy tuck?

The stretch marks that are within the skin excision zone are completely removed and the remaining stretch marks become less visible. As a tummy tuck tightens loose skin, stretch marks are reduced in appearance.

During your initial consultation, our surgeons will assess your target area and explain what to expect in terms of stretch marks.

Can liposuction or breast augmentation be performed with tummy tuck?

Yes, it is common to combine liposuction of the hips, flanks and/or thighs with abdominoplasty. It is also common to add a breast augmentation. In fact, a mommy makeover refers to a procedure that combines a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction procedure. While risks tend to increase with longer surgeries, all patients are kept and monitored overnight to ensure the safest possible care.

How many sizes can be lost with a tummy tuck?

Most women who undergo a tummy tuck lose 2-3 full clothing sizes and find they have a firmer, fitter overall figure thanks to the flatter, more toned abdomen that results from the procedure. Many patients also find that they experience a huge boost in confidence and self-esteem and lose even more weight more easily than they thought possible. Never underestimate the power of confidence and a fresh perspective on your motivation to look and feel better than ever!

Should I lose weight before the operation?

Although weight loss is not necessary before a tummy tuck, for best results it is best to maintain a nutritious diet and effective exercise program before and after a tummy tuck. It is important to understand that a tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss or a fitness plan. Instead, surgery is for those who have tried it and so far have seen little or no results with diet and exercise. The operation is perfectly aimed at eliminating stubborn excess fat and skin that does not respond to normal efforts.

Should I get dressed before the abdominoplasty?

While it is not strictly necessary to shave the area, the incision for a tummy tuck is usually made very close to the pubic hair area. Therefore, you must be very careful and shave the area before surgery. The Night Before Your Tummy Tuck After hip surgery, it's always a good idea to shower and wash your pubic area thoroughly with antibacterial soap. If you have concerns about proper preparation for your surgery, please do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

Is Coolsculpting Better Than a Tummy Tuck?

No method is better than another; it all depends on your personal needs and goals. CoolSculpting is a less invasive procedure and ideal for those who do not wish to undergo surgery. It uses a process known as cryolipolysis to freeze and remove fat cells in multiple sessions without the need for anesthesia or downtime. While CoolSculpting is great for little love handles, a tummy tuck can work best when you have more than a small amount of fat to reduce, as it removes so much more at once. To find out which approach works best for you, schedule a consultation today.

Can I have lipo instead of a tummy tuck?

Most patients who want to get rid of excess abdominal fat find the desired success with simple liposuction and ultimately decide not to have a subsequent tummy tuck. Liposuction is generally considered a less risky procedure than a tummy tuck, with less risk of scarring and more natural results. However, in cases where the cosmetic benefits of a very flat stomach are paramount and potential scarring around the navel is not a major concern, a tummy tuck may be recommended. Your doctor will discuss the options with you in detail to determine the best approach for you during your consultation.

Is the cost of an abdominoplasty higher than that of liposuction?

A tummy tuck usually costs twice as much as a liposuction in the abdominal area. At Toronto Plastic Surgeons, tummy tucks start at $8,999 and liposuction starts at $4,999 to $6,999, depending on the size of the area being treated. No matter what course of action you and your doctor feel is best for your goals and needs, you can't put a price tag on the incredible results you'll achieve anyway.

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How much fat can be removed with a tummy tuck?

According to a study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a tummy tuck can result in significant long-term weight loss in many patients, especially those who were overweight or struggled with obesity before the surgery. Researchers evaluated short- and long-term weight loss after tummy tucks in 20 women and found that the average amount of abdominal fat and tissue removed was equivalent to about ten pounds. Long-term weight loss was more likely in women whose baseline body mass index was 24.5 or higher, or just below the overweight threshold.

What is the difference between a tummy tuck and a panniculectomy?

Panniculectomy is surgery to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen. This surgery is often performed on people who have experienced significant weight loss and lost excess skin in the abdominal area. Abdominoplasty, on the other hand, is a more comprehensive operation and also includes tightening of the abdominal muscles and complete contouring of the abdomen. Tummy tuck is sometimes performed in conjunction with liposuction and involves both the upper and lateral abdominal sections, as opposed to a panniculectomy, which focuses only on the "fat apron" of the lower abdomen.

How much weight can be lost with a tummy tuck?

While a tummy tuck alone can remove up to 10 pounds of excess fat and skin, increased satiety (feeling full after eating) is an important factor in long-term weight loss after surgery. Three-quarters of women report greater feelings of fullness after a tummy tuck, a phenomenon researchers attribute to changes in the neuroendocrine system. Removing fat cells can lead to lower levels of appetite-stimulating hormones that are commonly secreted by adipose tissue. Bottom Line: As long as you stay in shape and eat a healthy diet after surgery, you'll maintain your weight after your tummy tuck and will likely feel more motivated to lose even more weight.


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