Ed F., 66: "Could have stopped my morning neck pain years ago: this strange news The pillow is A Gift from heaven!" (2023)

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mid Fitzgerald, 66, never thought his pillow would nearly cripple him.

Ed was happily retired and loved spending time with his 7-year-old grandson, Miles. They used to play tag or go fishing every Sunday, until one day something terrible happened.

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In the last few months he had woken up with severe pain in his neck. He tried some stretching and those icy spots, but one morning Ed turned his head and felt asharp shock wave of pain.

"I couldn't move," Ed said. "It was so painful I had to sit on the couch for the rest of the day."

Luckily he was not seriously injured. But Ed's doctor said that his neck was not properly supported when he slept and that he should avoid physical activity for two weeks.

Ed's stomach turned… he was going to see his grandson Miles that same weekend.

"I could barely move my neck, let alone throw a ball," Ed said. "But how could I tell Miles we couldn't play?She hated the idea of ​​disappointing him..“

Ed knew he had to act fast if there was any chance of relieving his nagging neck pain, and he immediately sought out the signature "sleep solutions."

"I did what anyone would do," Ed said. "I took ibuprofen and iced my neck, butit still hurts like hell. Dr. Barger said my neck wasn't getting enough support, so I looked for quality orthopedic pillows. The problem is that they were all out of my price range."

Running out of options, Ed was faced with a difficult decision: tell his beloved grandson that he couldn't see him that weekend, or find a quick fix to his excruciating neck pain.

But for this retired firefighter, the answer was right next door...

When Ed went out to get the mail, he noticed his neighbor Gary watering the front lawn. Gary's warm greeting faded quickly as he noticed the pained look on Ed's face and asked what was wrong.

"I told him about my neck spasms and how I was fighting stiffness and pain," Ed said. "I asked him if he had ever experienced anything like this before."

Without hesitation, Gary blurted out, “Wait a minute. I'll be right back".

Minutes later, Gary returned with a box and pulled out aweird looking purple pillow.

Trust mesaid Gary. "He used to wake me up with terrible neck and shoulder cramps, butnot evensince you slept in that thing. We bought one especially for the guests, but I want you to try it."

"I wasn't kidding," Ed said. "As soon as my head hit that pillow, it was like melting into a cloud. Plus, my neck feltsafe and supported… no more painful effort.”

The next morning, Ed awoke to his surprise to find that his neck was moving normally again. With a light step, he grabbed the catcher's mitt and left to take his grandson to the park. "Wow, Grandpa," said Miles. "You're like a whole new person!"

Later, Ed called his neighbor Gary to thank him for sharing the "Lavender Zen" pillow that changed his life. Gary said that he is happy to share the only pillow that has worked for him.

"The best part is," said Ed, "it's perfect no matter what position you sleep in. I ordered 3 more for my wife and kids. I can't wait for them to feel as good as they do now!"

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The innovative pillow that supports the head and neck throughout the night and ensures a deep and restful sleep...

It was lavenderis an innovative pillow that uses advanced orthopedic technology to support the head and neck throughout the night, dramatically improving the quality of sleep.

The secret to Lavender Zen is the 360 ​​"microchannels" that allow this high-density pillow to maintain its supportive shape while you sleep. The pillow's shape perfectly aligns your head and neck with your spine, significantly reducing morning aches and pains.

Each "microchannel" also provides a continuous flow of air to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. Premium memory foam ergonomically hugs your body...whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

Finally, Lavender Zen is enriched with 100% pure essential oil extracted from organic lavender. This pillow gently diffuses a relaxing lavender scent, which has been shown to promote deeper, more restful sleep.

Best of all, Lavender Zen offers Americans luxurious, revitalizing sleep without the high price tag of traditional orthopedic pillows.

With over 48,629 zen lavender pillows sold nationwide, we had to try it ourselves...

We read hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers, but we had to give it a try.Zen Lavender by SuteraWe fell silent before officially giving the go-ahead. We ordered two pillows (arriving later that week) and tried them out.

  • ashley fischer

    MY QUALIFICATION OF It was lavender

week 1

For the past few years I have woken up with nasty neck and shoulder sprains. I have tried so many different "orthopedic" pillows, but have yet to find one that works for me. I wanted to see if the Lavender Zen was as comfortable and pain relieving as I read in the reviews.

RESULT:My first thought was, 'Wow, that's divine!' The pillow feels incredibly soft. I had no trouble falling asleep and when I woke up I noticed significantly less pressure on my shoulders and back. I was also able to gently move my neck from side to side without pain.

week 2

For the next test, he wanted to see how effective it was on people with insomnia. My husband always complains about falling asleep, not to mentionstayhe fell asleep, so I thought he'd be the perfect "test subject." I gave him the second pillow we bought and he happily agreed to participate in my little experiment.

RESULT:I swear I had to shake him to wake him up the next morning. He gave me a cute sleepy smile and politely told me that I will never get the pillow back. (Note: he still hasn't returned it and it's been 2 weeks...safe to say he likes it!)

week 3

After using this innovative pillow for 14 days, I am convinced that it has changed my life! The freedom and joy I feel when I wake up without the annoying and painful wrinkles on my body is indescribable. It holds me up no matter what position I fall asleep in and it never goes flat.

SUPERVISION:Sutera's Lavender Zen Pillow is made from a comfortable memory foam to maintain its shape throughout the night and support side, back, and stomach sleepers for a comfortable night's sleep. We had to ask for 4 more for our children, there is no way they will miss out on this amazing dream.


Three weeks with this pillow was enough to change my sleeping habits and make me feel like a new and rested person. To be honest, I've never seen anything like it on the market before and I'm really impressed. If you are looking for a revitalizing rest that provides adequate support for the head and neck,I recommend you try Sutera's Lavender Zen Pillow.

*Update: *Ever since Sutera's Lavender Zen Pillow hit the market, Americans have been stocking up at record speed. In fact, Sutera has sold over 48,000 pillows, with countless 5-star reviews.30-day satisfaction guarantee plus 55% discountfor new customers (while supplies last).Now click below to see if Sutera's Lavender Zen Pillows are still available.


IMPORTANT:Get Sutera's Lavender Zen Pillow to Eliminate Morning Neck Pain Forever

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