Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck Toronto | Doctor Kreidstein (2023)

cecilia r

From your very first and very detailed consultation with Dr. Kreidstein, you know you are dealing with an exceptional surgeon who has a keen eye that allows him to achieve incredible results. All the staff and caretakers make you feel comfortable, the information is easy to understand and you feel like you are in very good hands. I have a medical degree and spend years researching before making a decision, and twice in a decade, Dr. Kreidstein and his team were my first choice for my surgeries.

Eyve H.

Very satisfied with the service and processes.

joana b.

My visit was for an appointment only. I look forward to connecting with Dr. Kreidstein and team to assist in my final decision.

David K.

i went to dr. Chalkstone for the first time. Heard he was great and wanted to talk to him about removing excess skin on my eyelids. By the time we finished our appointment, I was ready to make an appointment for the procedure. The doctor was wonderful. He is honest, informed and direct. He has a great way of making you feel like you picked the right man for the job. I found the reception staff excellent. I only have Julia's name but there were two. You are amazing. They did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. They were very kind and I must say that they helped me as much as possible. Needless to say, the visit was a success from start to finish.

Isabel K.

Professional, timely, informative, personable. I hope to have surgery with Dr. chalk stone

Route R

I felt very well cared for at every step. Every question was answered by the doctor in such a way that I felt very confident. The whole team is just wonderful and I am delighted with my results.

cecilia r

Friendly and helpful staff. i saw dr. Kreidstein for an extensive eleven-year body contouring procedure. I watched a medial thigh lift again and there is no one I would trust to go. I respect his skillful artistic and scientific approach,

margarita g

Dr. Kriedstein and his team are simply exceptional. Deanna and Julie are warm and welcoming. They knew that I had traveled from Ottawa to see them and tried to accommodate me to make things as easy as possible. dr. even Kriedstein is calm and talkative. He is experienced, he is caring and, most importantly, he has his best interests in mind. I felt welcome, safe and well cared for. I would recommend this law firm to anyone without hesitation.

carla p

I appreciate Dr. Piedra de Chalk's time and professional opinion. I felt very comfortable during my consultation with him.

valeria s

I felt very comfortable and safe with Dr. Kreidstein and his team at the clinic. From the beginning of my consultation to the day of surgery and my last follow-up appointment, everyone really took their time, addressed my concerns, answered my questions, and made sure I felt at home. I became a dr. Kreidstein from a friend, but after searching for plastic surgeons in Toronto I was pleasantly surprised to see him on the list of the best surgeons in the city. I made the choice and I'm so glad I did. He gave me exactly what he wanted and even calmed me through my nerves. I was very nervous the day of my surgery, but Dr. Kreidstein and his team were very reassuring, reassuring, and took the time to answer all of my many questions. After surgery, his team took the time to check me up and see how my recovery was going. I really felt cared for, to say the least. thank you dr kreidstein and team for giving me the results i always wanted!

shirley c

I am very satisfied with the result of liposuction. After 2 months my body is recovering well, it is already as I wanted it. Dr. Kreidstein and his team were very kind from day one and throughout the entire process. I commend his practice, knowledge and professional skills. Thank you

sheri p.

An amazing surgeon. Absolutely meticulous. 5 stars!

noemí m

Dr. Kreidstein is very knowledgeable, answers all of your questions, and never makes you feel like a question is silly. Dr. Kreidstein takes the time to explain the process and the result. The office staff is very friendly, helpful and caring, which adds to the visit from him.

briana k

Dr. Kreidstein and his team are not only professionals, they treat you like family. I have experience with many doctors who catch colds but are warm, caring, and responsive. From an artistic standpoint, Dr. Chalkstone's eye for symmetry, precision, and natural perfection is remarkable. I have had the most incredible reconstructive transformations in many areas of my body and I owe it all to my sculptor. I am particularly pleased with the way Dr. Kreidstein does his work ethically. If he feels a decision is unsafe or unnecessary, he'll let you know without making you feel "silly." He really cares. Your entire team does this and takes care of you the best they can on the day of surgery so that you are calm and informed. Aftercare is also excellent. They want you to have the best experience possible! thanks team I hope to be under his care again in the future, his work is phenomenal. briana kelly

cinthia u.

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The doctor described very well the risks of the procedure and what is best for me personally. I was very impressed with the way I was treated and would recommend your services to family and friends. The staff was great at answering questions and returning my calls, a great experience.

dafne f

Dr. Kreidstein is very supportive and always responds quickly when I call. I know I'm in good hands.

claudia w.

Any cosmetic procedures should only be performed by the most qualified surgeon, which is why I support Dr. Chalkstone.

Deborah S.

I feel very comfortable with Dr. chalkstone. He builds trust and takes his time with his patients.

Ika F.

Clean environment, good service, no waiting time, they just knock all the time. Good customer service, friendly staff I would recommend anytime.

Radu B.

Very easy to talk to. Patience to answer all questions. Very detailed explanations of what can be done with the procedures.

Tonya B.

Only a few weeks post-op but I can't praise the care and communication highly enough. From the office staff, my nurses on the side, and to follow up with Dr. Kreidstein who was very quick to respond to any questions and concerns I had. Not to mention everything is great so far!

Alice P.

Michael Kreidstein, MD, and his entire team were outstanding throughout the entire process. When I first walked into the office for a consultation, I knew what I was hoping to achieve, but I had no idea what to expect. My questions were answered and I was very happy with the professionalism, but still felt there was humanity and understanding of my problems. My surgery was scheduled, with arrangements for all my needs from vacation to where I live, the office said. The surgery itself exceeded my expectations. It's only been two weeks and I'm already seeing positive results. I am happy to recommend Dr. Chalkstone to anyone.

hedi c

Superior care and excellent service. I have had many surgeries with Dr. K and I have very high expectations - all expectations will be met or exceeded. Honesty in dealing and commitment to a natural look is what you can expect.

Adianiz G.

The great advice cleared all my doubts.

Isabel S.

The staff is very friendly and courteous. dr. even Kreidstein was very thorough and honest in his assessment of my problem. He answered all my questions and cared about my general health and discussed anything related to the surgery. At no time did I feel rushed. I am very happy that I chose him for my surgery.

susan a.

dr. K. was so good. He told me the truth about the results he could expect and answered all my questions. His team was wonderful and he answered every little question he had when I called. The results of my lower body lift were much better than I expected. I look forward to working with Dr. K in the future on my second operation. Wonderful clinic and very happy to have found it.

Adrian K.

Excellent surgeon. Very grateful for his care in the carpal tunnel of my left hand. The operation was a success and a great relief.

Maha I.

Well organized team. They are all professional, thorough, and there for you. And that helps especially in the recovery phase.

noemí m

Dr. Kreidstein and the team warmly welcome you as soon as you walk through the door. Dr. Kreidstein has an infinite amount of knowledge and will answer all of his questions professionally, impartially, and honestly. Doctor Kreidstein advises him on the best course of action for his goals and does not recommend anything unnecessary. If you are looking for someone up to date on the latest treatments and measures then BOOK NOW you will not regret it.

wasna y.

Doctor Kreisstein is one of the best Sergion Plastic Doctors in Canada. I blindly trust his opinion and recommend him to anyone who wants to look better and healthier. thank you dr Kreidstein you are our favorite doctor.

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leslie p.

dr. Kreidstein is an excellent doctor! It's a wonderful feeling to have a doctor he can trust to give him a good botox/filler treatment. I have been using it for years and I am always very happy with the results. I always look fresh and natural.

Alice P.

Courteous, informative, professional with positive feedback and a great sense of humor.

Deborah R.

The reception was very nice. The doctor explained everything to me well.

Deanna B.

100% satisfied with my experience with Dr. Kreidstein and his team. Everyone was very kind and helpful during my process.

Richelle R.

Very helpful friendly and very professional!

fred s

The best from the reception to the surgeon.

eunice s.

I have been to many consultations and I can say that it is the best, the doctor was very nice to talk to, he listened to what I said, he explained everything to me step by step and made sure that I understood everything, there was no rush to explain anything. , the best thing I've said so far about the women who work there. He felt like he had known her for a long time. They treat you with respect. You can teach other workers how to treat people in a doctor's office.

Tonya B.

I went to the first appointment and was very nervous, the staff and doctor were very down to earth, easy to talk to and welcoming. The facilities are very well maintained and the overall experience was excellent. I look forward to moving forward with this team!

susan a.

I felt very comfortable and there was no pressure. All my questions were answered and the office staff was very friendly.

Laurie H.

Very professional and helpful

jill s

As a patient of Dr. Kreidstein for over ten years, I can confidently vouch for him and his team's professionalism, courtesy, consideration, kindness, helpfulness, prompt service and much more. I have several friends and acquaintances of Dr. Chalkstone. Each individual, after meeting him, chose Dr. Kreidstein as his doctor and they were all satisfied and happy with his choice. thank you dr Kreidstein and team!!!

brenda c

I had several surgeries with Dr. Kreidstein and I was very pleased with his care, knowledge, and sensitivity. He went out of his way to fully understand my wishes and desired results. I was very happy with the results of my surgeries, they greatly improved my self-image. The staff is very attentive and professional.

bonnie g

The lower rating has nothing to do with the practice or doctor, more to do with my privacy, and even a little to do with cost.

carol h

Dr. Kreidstein is thorough, competent, and friendly. He is willing to go the extra mile for his patients. The secretaries are excellent and nice. Highly recommend!

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melissa w.

Hi everyone, I was at Dr. Kreidstein on April 25th for my consultation on the subject of: Flank Liposuction. During my consultation, we discussed my wishes and the potential complications of the proposed surgery. While Dr.K suggested "fat charts", the removed fat was eventually moved to another area where it would be truly wanted and welcomed. I never thought of that and I'm very glad he suggested the disclaimer "I don't want to try to upsell you" says Dr.K. Once proposed it made more sense, I mean from an aesthetic and general point of view. This is the doctor you need to see! He is honest and made me feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process. The whole team, I mean, easy to talk to, personable and made the whole experience a good one. So my surgery is scheduled for June 14! Can't wait 😊 Thanks to Dr. Kreidstein and his team A-1 #thankMElater

tomas m

Dr. Kreidstein was extremely professional and informative. He backed up all of his views with "real world" experiences from his extensive work in the field. I really appreciated his openness and honesty.

jennifer t

The doctor is amazing, I went in very, very nervous. he left happy and calm

Helen d

After seeing 3 different plastic surgeons, I re. Due to my lower face and neck lift, I decided to have surgery with Dr. Chalkstone. He made me feel so comfortable on the first appointment that I didn't even think twice. I am excited and looking forward to my next transformation. I will keep you updated with the results.

Savita K.

I loved the care and aftercare.

kimberly e.

It is always a nice experience to see everyone at the Kreidstein office! I recommend dr. Kreidstein with full confidence to my closest friends and family for world-class excellence in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

cristina m

There are no words to describe how enjoyable this whole experience was! dr. Kreidstine is a very kind and honest surgeon. Everyone in the team is very professional and also friendly. Highly recommended clinic. I am very happy with my results and my decision to go to Dr. Kreidstin.

coleen b

I cannot say enough good things about this clinic. I had several surgeries with Dr. Kreidstein and I was very happy with the results. He is a very dedicated and intelligent doctor who is well trained in many different treatments. He is really open and honest about what he can do for you and what the result will be. The entire staff here is incredibly friendly and attentive, very refreshing for a plastic surgery clinic. I personally would not trust any other plastic surgeon to meet my needs!

Iftechar K.

Doctor MICHAEL, he is an amazing and kind professional doctor. I can say that he is amazing. He will listen to you and explain all the possible options and will let you decide what you want to do or feel, without rushing and without pressure. I think I met a great doctor and I will visit him often.

Micaela C.

Very happy with Dr. Kreidstein and his team!!!!!!!!! I really think he is a great doctor!

douglas m

Amazing experience from start to finish. Thank you


The staff treat you wonderfully and are very helpful. The doctor is very friendly and has good manners. While exposing the most embarrassing parts of my body was a very difficult and vulnerable feeling, it could have been downright traumatic if the Doctor hadn't been as sensitive as he was. Thank you all

noemí m

Dr. Kreidstein and his team are always warm and welcoming. Dr. Kreidstein will answer all of his questions and help him make an informed decision. I recommend it no matter what you do, be it removing stains or anything else.

Sahameh D.

I am very satisfied with the result of the breast and abdominal surgery, Dr. Kreidstein is experienced and sensitive

angela k

(Video) Dr. Michael Kreidstein

I felt very comfortable with the doctor and the team from the first consultation and throughout the entire process. The results were amazing and all my needs were met.

cristina s.

Very informative and thorough consultation where any questions are answered with the confidence that there is a good understanding of the procedure. Friendly and helpful support team.

Shelly B.

I had 2 surgeries with Dr. Kreidstein and I was treated very well both times by the doctor and the entire practice and surgical team. I would definitely send someone if I needed a surgeon... Thank you...

leslie p.

the doctor As always, Kreidstein was very professional and is a very good doctor. I love the results of my fillers that he did for me. I like how I can trust that he knows exactly what I need to look good. I look completely refreshed, but I still see myself as myself. I'm always afraid of getting too full like some of the celebrities I see, but Dr. Kreidstein made me look great and very natural. I like the feeling of security when I know I'm in good hands. His staff is very nice too!

Route K

Doctor Kreidstein was very careful and explained the possibilities. The staff is very nice and overall a very nice experience.

joy k

I had 2 different surgeries with Dr. Kreidstein and I have had great experiences both times. The staff is very friendly and informative and Dr. Kreidstein is an absolute artist; He was very accessible with any questions he had and his answers reflected how much experience and knowledge he has. A friend recommended it to me and I'm so glad he did.

susan p

After losing 279 pounds, I had a lot of saggy skin and excess fat. She also had very low self-esteem, I felt ugly and miserable. I can dr Kreidstein enough to work his magic and make me feel so much more confident and proud of my weight loss process. I never felt embarrassed or judged by him. He listened to me, he explained everything to me in detail and I knew that he had trusted the best surgeon, I felt safe. Two procedures were performed and I couldn't be more surprised or excited. His care before and after surgery is second to none in my opinion, he made me feel important not just another patient and honestly I would not trust any other plastic surgeon to take care of me, felt like first conversation and on visits too of follow up. He did not rush appointments and was quick to respond to emails. I can't say enough good things about his attention and his wonderful staff. I have already recommended it to many colleagues and friends and will continue to do so. Doctor Kreidstein, thank you for giving me back my life and a healthier life to look forward to. The compliments I receive reassure me that I made the right decision with my surgeon and that it was worth it. I look forward to another procedure in 2018.

jennifer c

Always excellent from start to finish, he doesn't just sell and annoy like some surgeons, he just does an excellent job and takes care of the patient's health.

susana s.

I had the best experience with liposuction. I thought I needed a breast reduction, but Dr. Kreidstein suggested that liposuction would be a better option. It was - it was less invasive, no pain levels, no scarring, and faster healing. I didn't have to take pain relievers, not even Tylenol. It also gave me the opportunity to return to my normal life and sport in a period of two weeks instead of more than 6 weeks. I recommend this procedure. I also recommend Dr. chalkstone he is patient and understanding. He takes his time, explains the procedure, and suggests what he believes to be the best course of action. He is always available to answer any questions and I never felt rushed or pressured. Also, he has wonderful staff! Always a bonus. I cannot praise the experience enough. And the fact that I am extremely satisfied with the results speaks for itself.

coleen b

This clinic goes above and beyond! The staff is very helpful in booking appointments, answering questions quickly, and keeping track of procedures you are going through. Dr. Kreidstein is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons I have ever met. He will tell you whether or not a product/procedure works for you and suggest an alternative if it doesn't. He is extremely ethical in his practice and he will never try to force any process or product on you (a rarity in this field I might add). I can only recommend this clinic, my experience has been very positive.

angela k

I am in the hands of Dr. chalk stone He knew a lot and explained things very well. His staff was very nice and welcoming. It was a very positive experience!

Debbie S.

I have the services of Dr. Kreidstein and have recommended him to friends. He has a keen eye for making sure the results are natural. He and his team are very friendly and make you feel comfortable. I will continue to recommend his services. Dr. Kreidstein's team is very friendly and encouraging with genuine job satisfaction.

Shayne D.

I was delighted with the results of my chemical peel. I have been told that I lost a good ten years with this procedure. It was relatively painless, uncomfortable for sure, but so worth it! the doctor. Kreidstein and his team are consular professionals and his work is brilliant!

Lana M.

I was happy with the result, I never thought it would be such a quick and painless recovery, as well as the attention and support, the kindness of Dr. Kreidstein and his team.

kelly d

I found Dr. Kreidstein and his team to be very professional, organized, and helpful. I liked that Dr. Kreidstein was thorough in the consultation until the postoperative consultations. I am very satisfied with the result of my abdominoplasty.

Shelly B.

I went for my second surgery and couldn't be happier. Dr. Kreidstein is a fabulous surgeon. He would recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon. His office staff is very friendly and he will work with you to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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